Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'd personally go for opening shot/rampage, flared magwell, and then fastdraw/handling masterwork. Amazing for quick pvp action for sure. Melting shotgun apes is fun like this one a lot. I have this roll and I can honestly say I haven't felt this way about a hand cannon since NF in its 180 days. I get the option of Accurized for range or Drop Mag for faster reloads, and also has a reload masterwork for an even faster reload. Is there a list somewhere to check for potential godrolls? I have a Rangefinder/Rampage roll that can 3 tap at 49 Meters, and doesn't have drop off until 45 meters. The thing is a fucking monster. Press J to jump to the feed. Lucky! Close. A poor man's Luna's Howl. Bungie did a buff to this weapon and the range is just incredible right now. Overflow will refill True Prophecy larger than its base mage when picking up special or heavy ammo. I have that roll, its absolutely insane in pvp, you hit at max damage at 40+ meters and can absolutely flinch the fuck out of your opponents in 1v1 it greatly helps bridge the gap in ttk when dueling autos, pulses, or 140s and lets you greatly outrange them alongside being able to help challenge snipers. Source: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages. The god roll for me. Video Vlog. —Lakshmi-2. Combine that easy, instant reload with rampage and you have yourself a powerful hand cannon that will rip through trash in one headshot becoming more powerful with each kill and hardly ever needing to reload. Also I grinded forever for spare rations and have all terrible rolls of that and dire so hoping my luck is different on the prophecy. I should buy a lottery ticket. I can barely put the gun down, and that's saying something considering I'm not really fond of 110s. 0 comments. r/ShardItKeepIt was founded on the principle of whether a weapon should be kept or sharded. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you can proc Overflow with the right mag perks (mine has Appended Mag), then this thing's got over 20 bullets that you can just spray away with. Team tactics, map knowledge, class builds, loadouts, game modes, gun skills and more. Love it. Sort by. With 110s turning into 120s and a range buff, I'm pretty exited to use this next season for some 2 tap shenanigans. I have a True Prophecy with Overflow/Demolitionist and it is amazing for high tier PvE. I'm confident in challenging pretty much anything at any time bar a sniper at 50+ meters. Wouldn't change a thing, its my God roll 4sure. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Destiny 2 | HOW TO GET TRUE PROPHECY & TRUE PROPHECY GOD ROLL! This doesn't have Outlaw so that *kinda* kills it for me, considering it's a 110 and those usually have very poor reload speeds. I’ve got about 10 true prophecy handcannons, but I’m not sure what is considered the “god roll” and I don’t want to dismantle because I don’t even know if they still drop. Destiny 2 | HOW TO GET TRUE PROPHECY & TRUE PROPHECY GOD ROLL! Hmm interesting, maybe my rampage opening shot one with reload is viable afterall. Ten ‘Destiny 2’ God Roll Weapons You Should Get That Are Not Being Sunset Paul Tassi Senior Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Dumb math error. Hmm ive never used overflow, ill check it out! For PVE, True Prophecy offers a lot more. For Pve god roll last hope is better. save. Can’t wait to get one of these with Overflow and really any of the second column perks, mostly Rampage or Demolitionist. This God roll true prophecy is just 2 tapping everyone in the crucible.


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