But the only Gibsons with a thin round neck I know of (modern ones that is) are the V and Explorer, Firebirds have the 60's slim taper which is a little flat feeling. A neck that is too thick will make it hard to play chords and will make you sore faster. Fender claims the "modern c" as found on the American players is the smallest but this isn't true. Fender Roasted Maple Standard Series Replacement Jazz Bass Neck with Modern C Profile, 9.5" Radius Maple Fingerboard, 20 Medium-jumbo Frets, and Pre-slotted Synthetic Bone Nut $ 329 .99 Or $55 /month § for 6 months Look for keywords like “slim neck profile” or “flat neck”, both of which will make shredding much easier and far more comfortable. Posts: 458. All the squire cv start necks are smaller, I like the 60's neck ok. The neck on this guitar is paper thin (okay, maybe a little thicker than that), but thanks to sturdy construction, it feels solid and secure in the hand. I own a 1988 made in Korea strat and a 2002 American Highway 1 strat but the MIK neck is much more pleasurable to play for longer periods with my short fingers because the neck is thinner than the American C neck on the HW1. Conclusion – Best Acoustic Guitars with Low Action and Thin Neck. I've been bit by the GAS bug and am asking which Fender Squier series 6 string electric guitar has the thinnest neck? LP studio's have the 50's neck, except the Guitar Center Musicians friend Silver/Greyburst with the coil splitters which features the 60's neck, not sure about the white standard SG. Joined: Sep 22, 2011 Location: Barrington, IL. Trying to find out which fender telecaster's have the thinnest necks as i have fairly small hands and want a guitar that sounds great but is also simple and comfortable to play. It's the thickest neck I have on any of my guitars and I have a 62 AVRI hot rod strat and a PRS SC245 with the thickest neck PRS offers. There isn't even a slight recession from the neck to the headstock. For a good start in your journey to being the best guitarist, an investment in a low-action, thin neck guitar is one of the smartest moves you can make. Because of the small body, this guitar’s acoustic sound is a little thin to our taste. I want the smallest neck I can get. I just don't feel that a modern C has the resonance of of the thicker necks. The MIM blacktop series are almost as small as the cv's but some have jumbO frets and are usually straighter stabler and more comfortable IMHO. Just did a partscaster and put an All Parts thick C neck on it. The neck thickness is easily one of the most important things to consider when looking for a small-handed electric guitar. May 7, 2012 #2. cnote Former Member.


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