DBD Zela 54Z ... Guard dogs and sheep grazing “Rabbit” at birth. Pictured here at 6 months. Our first Lacaune-sired daughters from those breedings were milked in the 2019 season — those Lacaune-semen-sired yearlings produced a full 50% more milk than their US-ram-sired penmates. This sales page is available FREE to all CDSA members in good standing. ... Quebec T: (450-361-9502) ... We can transmit a certificate of performance for each of our rams available for sale. Looking for Dorpers in Equador Possibility to book a small number only. 20 white dorper ewes, they must be a twin. You can drop your cattle off every Thursday by 3pm. You pay receiving station fee of $2 per head & $1.60/cwt for trucking. Will be available in FB White Dorper ewe at 7 years of age CCD1375R I bred my Fullbloods to Shock for spring 2012 lambing. He also meets up with Butch H.J. These tags can be obtained by the producer for FREE by calling 1-866-873-2824. Pure Bred Dorper ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale. CCWG Sheep Shearers Listing . E-mail winleighfarms@gmail.com, February 21/17: 2020 Cattle SalesSaturday, NOVEMBER 28th – ANNUAL THANKSGIVING BRED HEIFER & STOCK COW SPECIALFriday, DECEMBER 4th – SPRING CALF SPECIALSaturday, DECEMBER 5th – WEIGH UP SPECIALFriday, DECEMBER 11th –SPRING CALF SPECIAL – Selling All Classes of CattleFriday, DECEMBER 18th – SPRIN CALF SPECIALSaturday, DECEMBER 19th - LAST SALE OF 2020 – BRED COW SPECIAL, NOV 26TH – NO SALE - WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!DEC 3RD – REGULAR SALE – Selling All Classes of Sheep & GoatsDEC 10TH – FEEDER LAMB SPECIAL – Selling All Classes of Sheep & GoatsDEC 17TH – REPLACEMENT EWE & FEEDER LAMB SPECIAL – Selling All Classes of Sheep & Goats. This list is not an endorsement by CCWG of the shearers’ qualifications. Daily Weekly Monthly Graphics. the fall of 2018. Georgia View Phone Number. We are looking to start up a herd of commercial Dorpers in the this Fall (2017). Also spinning classes, knitting supplies; Icelandic sheep. T: (450-361-9502) We have a selection for commercial use or reproduction. L4R 4K3 or COVID-19 On Farm Service Providers info sheet . Sheepadoodles are a cross between a pure bred Old English Sheepdog and a pure bred Standard Poodle and are considered a designer breed. T.: 204-208-4484   Please call us if you have any questions, THE BROADUS RECEIVING STATION IS TAKING CATTLE EVERY THURSDAY FOR OUR SALES ON FRIDAY. All are free of OPP, diamond status. Box 1214, Roblin, Manitoba   R0L 1P0 AgDealer.com is the #1 destination for farmers in search of farm equipment in Ontario. In 2020 we expect to offer (approximately — as of this writing, no lambs have been born yet!) We meter every two weeks through peak lactation, and then monthly thereafter; we collect monthly milk samples on each individual ewe for milk-component analysis for five consecutive months during the lactation season. Up to date on shots and checked regularly... $180 USD. For 20+ years we have had a base flock of East Friesian x Lacaune ewes. P.O. It has taken 22 years of diligent selection and culling, but we are pleased to report that in 2019 our ewes (aged 1 to 7 years) averaged 945 lb milk per head over an average of 220 days in milk. CA neg. The sheep are tested annually for OPP and Johne's (100% negative), and we have no foot rot on the farm. Clearwater, MB Astrid Barrera:   abarrera@grupo-rueda.com Roxton Pond, Quebec Also, we have Fullblood Dorper rams aged of 10 months old. Old English Sheepdogs originated in the early 19th century as a herd dog of cattle and sheep. In 2017 Meadowood Farms was one of 20 US farms that took the opportunity to purchase Lacaune semen from France, through DSANA (the Dairy Sheep Association of North America). 6 Purebred Dorper rams + 6 Purebred Dorper ewes for sale by Mountain Star Stable Inc. berniercampbell@videotron.ca, For information in English, contact Rachel Mahannah  at 450-531-0405, Dorpers for sale from Ferme Bernier Campbell, We have a choice of Dorper rams ready to use aged between 10 and 12 months. If you would like to add animals to this list, please send your details via the Contact page. Meadowood Farms is enrolled in DSANA’s Genetic Evaluation program (www.dsana.org/Genetic-Evaluation-Project). 2) Matt Kent (902) 986-5368 - NS, PEI, NB along Hwy 20 to Quebec to Stockyards (Cookstown, Brussels, St Jacobs) in Ontario. Looking for dorpers in the Manitoba Area, if possible. If they come to the sale barn without being tagged, you will be charged $2/hd for our vet to do them. (For more information on both: www.dsana.org/Semen-Importation and www.msjandco.com.). Katahdin Sheep for Sale. We milk seasonally, and depend on pasture to supply the vast majority of our forage during the lactation season. We vaccinate for CL and CD/T. Delmar Dorper and McGivern Family Farm has the following pure blood Dorpers for sale. We are currently organizing a transportation to western Canada. Proudly created with. CCWG and Coronavirus - update . They are evaluated on GenOvis and have obtained superior results and considered elites! Santa Elena, Ecuador   Postal Code: EC241753 1755 Rumney Road Midland Ont. We have a selection for commercial use or reproduction. We pride ourselves on the health of the flock. Producers are encouraged to obtain references. All 2018 lambs are sired by Lochend Zeke 19Z out of an Australian ewe. 5 Katahdin ewes for sale $180 each 3&4 yrs old. Please contact Celine Hutchinson at ch123ca@yahoo.ca or 613-864-3400. Contact For Pricing. We pride ourselves on the health of the flock. Email us if you wish to be added or updated In 2020 we expect to offer (approximately — as of this writing, no lambs have been born yet!) WANTED Pure bred reg. WANTED Sheep Shearers . The yield and component information is analyzed by Genovis in Quebec, and we now receive EBV’s — Estimated Breeding Values — on all individual ewes, for milk yield, component yield (protein & fat%), SCC, and persistency. All photographs are property of Meadowood Farms, LLC. 3 * 3/4-Assaf ram lambs We can transmit a certificate of performance for each of our rams available for sale. Possibility to book a small number only. : berniercampbell@videotron.ca. Departure within 3 weeks. In Fall 2018 and Fall 2019, we again bred our ewes to Lacaune semen from France, as well as Assaf semen purchased from Ms J & Co in Wisconsin. for sale: 15 * 1/2- and 3/4-Lacaune ram lambs. Please contact me at +1 204 868 0904, February 20/17: Follow-up on GenOvis. Looking for approx. Looking to purchase 200-300 ewes. If you have any questions on those programs, do not hesitate to give us a call. Volunteer at Scarpie Canada Level of Progress B. Maryse Bernier    Since 2017, we have been breeding in improved Lacaune semen, imported from France via DSANA’s Semen Importation Program. Will be available in. And since 2018, on a percentage of our flock, we have also begun to use improved Assaf semen imported from Spain via Ms J & Co in Wisconsin. : Pure Bred Dorper ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale. berniercampbell@videotron.ca                                                 posted Jan 22/2017, May 8, 2017: 1 to 2 yrs old  We now submit metering and milk component data from each individual ewe in our flock.


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