The Realspace Magellan electric standing desk was introduced in 2017. It would be nice if they used a better sticker to attach the operation and warning stickers to the surface. These desks are very low quality I have spent so much time on this issue... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the StandingDesk community. Height Range (Floor To Seat): Unspecified Powder-coat steel legs. It can raise higher than I need (I am 6'3"), its lowest height is just under 30". This left the gear to bang around and actually rub against the support tube as it moved up and down. While the desk didn’t have overload protection included, the manufacturer still rated the desk with a max capacity of 200 lbs. This is a great article on the product. Learn how Smart Devices and Tablets can improve your business. Instead they looked and felt like cheap molded plastic parts that were a one size fit all approach. Because they pack the surface and frame in the same box it is very heavy. Balancing elegant aesthetics and modern conveniences, this Magellan Performance 71inW desk has a concealed access point for cables and dedicated space for supplies, accessories and documents. Many of you wanted to see what the inside of this desk looked like. Going from a sitting position to a standing position is a breeze at this pneumatic stand up adjustable desk so you can feel free to stretch your legs anytime you need to throughout the day. Featuring four additional grounded plugs and two powered USB plugs; users can plug in monitors, phones and charge devices through the USB plugs. Inside the box, the circuit board was engineered specifically for use with this standing desk. – Final Thoughts. The desk is big — 60" wide, 30" deep. This created a less than ideal situation for such an important component inside the frame. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Address2194 Highway A1A, Suite 206Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937, Realspace Magellan Performance 71inW L-Shaped Desk, Espresso. My desk also randomly broke... yellow light will not move... will not reset. We have seen this same design with other brands and it can create wobble issues when the desk is raised into standing position. Qty-Quantity + Free delivery Store Pickup Available : Compare . Once the desk was raised into heights above 36” there were issues with both rocking and wobble motions. Painfully slow with only the weight of the worksurface, the Realspace averaged only .42” per second adjustment speeds. The glide system on the Realspace Magellan was one of the few areas on the desk that didn’t look great. 12 Reasons to Avoid Standing Desks Under $400. Scratch-resistant worksurface. Press J to jump to the feed. No longer had the paper manual, and did not find one online. Sleek and stylish Realspace Magellan stand-up desk in gray. The control panel has an up, down, two user presets, all the way up, and an all the way down. Today I’m excited to have the opportunity to review the Realspace Magellan Standing Desk, a product offered exclusively by the Office Depot/ OfficeMax stores. What is the Strongest Standing Desk Surface? We have found that an electric standing desk will only be as strong as its weakest component. There is a high likelihood that they eliminate this from the desk because of testing that was done. The Realspace furniture collections include desks, workstations, chairs, chair mats, storage, and office decor. Caleb on the other hand, he was so quick on the answer, I was concerned that I had not explained the problem enough. Unfortunately, cheap plastic that was poorly fit, with a spindle gear that wobble inside the support tube created major issues. From the outside, they looked clean and had the opportunity to be good for the price point. Things to consider when choosing a laptop. When the gear was manually moved in and out, you could feel it shake and hear it scratch the support tube. The Realspace Magellan Performance electric desk comes with a five year limited warranty. X 70-15/16 in. Because of this, there were not visible weld marks where a top and bottom plate came together. The Realspace Magellan electric standing desk was introduced in 2017. Hold the power button while it was yellow, and the FAR RIGHT button (desk all the way down). When fully loaded the speed dropped down to .33” per second. A flashing yellow light next to the power button (instead of the standard red that you hold down to get to green, which enables the motors). ThinkAgile MX Certified Node (with Microsoft), Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. It was also the first to include an integrated power supply. Item 3883611 Realspace® 48"W Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk, White. We found the desk slowed from .42” with only the weight of the surface, to .33” per second with a full 200 lbs load. I had a new control Box Sent to me -> this also did not work. In fact, we found that the motion was bad at the lowest height setting. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy it as a package and throw it out. The live chat was longer than needed, as they looked things up...maybe 5 minutes total. It was so bad that there were front to back stability issues at the absolute lowest position. This subreddit is all about standing desks, also known as stand up desks, adjustable height desks, and sit to stand desks. That doesn’t mean the product wasn’t built well, it just doesn’t fit in the “tank built” status that products like the ProDesk did. A more permanent solution, like the vast majority of the other standing desks, would be a more durable option. Create promotional products, custom business cards, custom stampers, flyers and posters to strengthen your brand. When this happens, you will find that desks catch at a certain height and will back down. For safety reasons, the Realspace product requires a five second press of the on button to begin operation of the desk. Going from a sitting position to a standing position is a breeze at this stand-up desk thanks to the pneumatic control unit, so you can feel free to adjust any time you need to throughout the day. They are also one of the most unknown components to the general public. This product launch allowed Office Depot and Office Max stores to compete with all of the low cost electric standing desks on the market. If you were to judge based on looks alone, the gears and motor would sit pretty high on my list. With that rise in popularity came questions from our readers and customers. Pushing the gear too fast will create a bumpy adjustment and cause the gear to scrape the side of the housing. If you are a power user with a lot of additional wires, you can still easily daisy chain an additional power strip/surge protector to the control box.


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