Human Together, the trio stalked Nettie and Jordan to their beach date and surveilled them from a distance. Nettie has an affinity for poetry and has been known to read poems to people she cares about. After the meeting was adjourned, Nettie and the other bodyguards slowly filed out. Due to her growing up on military bases, Bailey would frequently refer to Nettie and other superiors as "Sir", "Ma'am", and "Boss". Chaos ensued because Nettie had Bailey aiding her on the radio as a wingwoman but didn't realize that Tony Andrews, Brenda, and Kayden were all spying on the date via the same radio channel. In Spring, Nettie returned to Los Santos after having left the city for well over a year. Jessica Easton is a Dispatcher for the Los Santos Police Dispatch, Badge #D-16. Shortly after, Nettie ran into Natalie Martell, a woman of no relation to Tracy, while she was trying to park her taxi at Garage Q. Nettie insisted that Natalie help her with something after briefly ranting about Tracy to her. On January 25, 2020, Jessie passed away after being stabbed to death by The Menagerie. At one point Kitkat had also dressed up as Nettie for a cosplay contest without realizing it was the outfit that Ester had helped Nettie create. Administrative Assistant During the interrogations, Copperpot received a phonecall from Petunia who was in a meeting with Ellie Dono due to her RCC ties. This infuriated Kayden, causing her to kick Nettie out of the tow truck and run her over. Jordan would later be arrested at the end of the trial with no verdict declared because Akmir, one of his old war buddies, assaulted Jean with a flashlight and subsequently died after being gunned down by bailiffs. Copperpot and Nettie would later use Luna's occupation to try and lure a bounty target out of hiding with a fake business phone call, but the man in question didn't take the bait. Leaving many of the party guests behind as the LSPD arrived on scene to take statements. Boba's death in February, and the subsequent dishonesty among the medical staff on-shift at the time, ended up being a tremendous blow to Nettie's faith in the department. Despite Nettie incessantly bullying her from the moment they met, Ester was still willing to help Nettie in sorting out her romantic endeavors and even helped her assemble a "sexy" outfit while cloths shopping. Jessica Easton is a character role-played by Melly_Mae. Status Ironically, Amara was also the first medic to give Nettie a ride-along after her EMS application had been accepted, mere days after Tessa had told Nettie about the relationship. Inmate American Shortly after taking them hostage, Petunia was rescued by EMS and she quickly rushed to tell Copperpot and Apples that Louis had been caught, along with Nicky. Thus solving the mystery that Nettie and Jessie sought so hard to resolve. Kayden then asked Nettie to seduce Jordan and ask him for a knife as a gift. Place of Birth Sale! There are rumors' he may always return back to his roots as a Judge for the DoJ. Jordan, vehemently denied it but attempted to call Chips, Kayden, and "Steven". "But I thought you were my Lamb Chop..." - Nettie. On New Years Eve, after having an argument that ended with Tessa breaking off their engagement, Amara got into a vehicular accident and slipped into a coma. Months later they reconciled their differences after Bambii went on a leave of absence and mellowed out upon her return. Though, a common thread in many of her childhood stories typically involves her committing some form of arson and her family dying in a fire under various conditions. Progress on the song she commissioned was put into limbo when she had to focus the bulk of her time and resources on preparing for her perjury investigation. This eventually came to a head when Chips' van broke down on the side of the highway less than 3 minutes after Nettie paid to have it repaired. Her place of birth, hometown, pets, and the status of her family are all constantly in flux as she usually makes up stories about them on the spot. Fortunately, the date ended without anyone dying, despite Nettie at one point attempting to abandon Tracy at sea during an argument. The continued delays left Nettie irate when she eventually picked up KitKat and took her to a secluded cove where she could explain herself. During this period Nettie continued spending time with suitors she had courted during the previous breakup. Coop hands in his cop badge to help DoJ as Judge Unbeknownst to Agnes or Chips the cadaver his brain was transplanted into belonged to Nettie's recently deceased grandmother, who donated her body to the hospital, a revelation that both shocked and confused Nettie once she saw Chips walking around the front of Pillbox shortly after the surgery.


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