The Great Nothern popcorn popping oil will give your popcorn the … Popping popcorn at home is much healthier than the popcorn you buy at the movie theater. This 100% natural, non-gmo popping corn tastes delicious by itself, or with some of our Gourmet Coconut Oil. In fact, all batches of popcorn… For at home use, our Real Theater Coconut Oil is by far the most popular. And using this oil is a great way to make healthy popcorn at home because it has no trans fat. The Popcorn Experience. As seen in movie theaters, America's #1 Popcorn Seasoning Brand, Kernel Season's, adds flavor and fun to your popcorn bar, party, or movie night! If you are an avid popcorn eater and think you will need more than a pound of oil, not a problem! We're theater lovers who seem to gravitate towards popcorn as a symbol of a good time. The tastiest movie theater popcorn on earth Shop Now. Coconut oil is my oil of choice when making stovetop theater-style popcorn. And there’s some authenticity to this choice: Some movie theaters also use coconut oil to cook their kernels. The oil also has a butter flavoring in it to give your popcorn a richer taste. It is available in a 1 pound container. This certified Kosher pareve oil is the healthier version of the authentic taste of popcorn you buy at movie theatres. I like the flavor this fat adds, so this gives us one piece of the popcorn puzzle. The Wabash Valley Farms Oil is a combination of coconut and corn oil for your popcorn that gives that classic taste and aroma of popcorn at home. The reason that movie theater popcorn is so damn tasty has nothing to do with the popcorn itself, and everything to do with the process. Having said that, back to basics doesn’t mean all butter. Shop Popcorn. Don’t worry it doesn’t taste like coconut!


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