It may lack the reach of other halberds but it still has the superior running attacks, which are especially deadly for boss fights where the counter window is much greater than for regular enemies. Thank you From Soft for the Obsidian Greatsword. But they will stun when they connect leaving your opponent helpless for a follow up. Additional stat requirements are puny at 16 STR and 10 DEX. The uchigatana has an attack rating of 420 at 40 DEX so the damage quickly adds up. Alternates to the Claymore are the Bastard Sword and the Greatlord Greatsword. A strong magic build will deal more damage with an enchanted sword, while a melee build with high STR will deal more damage with a large sword or hammer. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It begs to be wielded with both hands. Relative to other heavy weapons (Ultra Great Swords, Great Axes and Great Hammers), the Zweihander has the lowest stat and weight requirements. ( Log Out /  However, a fully ascended fire or lightning Claymore is the better choice if you are focused on your first playthrough, because of its superior range and move set. The larger range allows you to score hits from what feels like a mile away, especially if the one-handed strong attack or running attack is timed well. So you should have the DLC, have you fought artorias yet? What I'm interested in is the amount of power coming … The 1H running and both 1H and 2H strong attacks are powerful thrusts, extremely useful in tight corridors, and covering a lot of space in front of your character. The Balder Side Sword is the ultimate dueling sword. These deal the same amount of damage regardless of your build. This is an incredibly useful sword that allows for attacks while shielded and for very quick unshielded attack chains. Whatever you use make sure it makes sense together. Will a fully ascended chaos Washing Pole be superior to a fire one? I think you should concider the Black Knight Greataxe. Check out my new Youtube Dark Souls PC movie. Lucerne is easy to pick up in the Catacombs and available in early game but only once per play through. This is a pure DEX weapon that was made to be wielded with 2H. I am sure you will agree with my conclusion that the Great Scythe is the best weapon in Dark Souls. These 3 weapons have exactly the same rating when ascended to fire or lightning and the damage output is quite high, only slightly lower than the superior Gargoyle Halberd. You are either a lover or a hater. They are great weapons on their own right but they just could not crack my Top 10 list. The Moonlight GS cannot be enchanted so you can equip the catalyst in the right hand, a useful option that allows blocking after casting a ranged spell. Before we get started, there are 5 weapons worthy of honorable mentions. It scales with both STR and DEX and has an attack rating of 460 at 25 STR and 25 DEX. A tiny club, really? The Balder Side Sword is an outstanding weapon that can be used to finish the game in its fire or lightning modes. But the bleed of the Barbed Sword is nice and you are able to build up bleed pretty quickly due to its fast attack speed. What about the Barbed Straight Sword from Kirk? I owned Kalameet after I cut off his tail and maxed it with dragon scale to +5. They do shine as two-handed weapons with a superior running attack. That’s because Dark Souls has the most responsive and efficient sword play mechanics of any action RPG. If you want pure AR, at +15 with 40 dex and assuming 12 strength the Baulder Side Sword is 383 and the Longsword is 344. Add the increase in toxin and poison resistance, long range and strike area, low weight and it is easy to see why it ranks first on my list. The only requirement is the ability to wield the item successfully. I adore the lightning gargoyle halberd +5 even after the nerfing of elemental weapons in 1.06. Dark wraith slab drop is really down to luck. It is actually stronger than the much heavier Washing Pole. However, I can easily make an exception for the Zweihander. Balder side sword vs. silver knight straight sword, Demon’s Souls Builds: Blue Sentinel (PvE Co Op), Demon’s Souls First Patch for PS5 Fixes Stability Issues, Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Update Releases Earlier Than Expected, Monster Hunter Film Collaboration Event with Monster Hunter World Iceborne. If you have high poise, you can rain down multiple shots on your enemy and quickly cut them down to size. This is a great secondary weapon for those who prefer ranged attacks but need some solid back-up. #2: Balder Side Sword. At 40 DEX and 26STR,the BSS beats the SKS by 1 point of damage,it really comes down to which moveset you prefer. ( Log Out /  You might notice havel's is the only greatshield on that list because of it's alternate ability. Dark Souls only has 4 katana’s. The one-handed strong thrust attack is fast, and the two-handed strong attack animation is almost as cool as the Iato’s. But is that the right decision? My recommendation is make a fire or lightning Bastard Sword and upgrade the Claymore through its normal path. Those are minor complaints and do not detract from Dark Soul’s most elegant weapon. It is very easy to hit slower foes once, twice or even 3 times, with the damage adding up quickly due to the decent fire and lightning rating.


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