The channel i'm in is overcrowded with all of my neighbors and is probably causing interference. Just stupid that some Windows computers still prefer to connect with fault-prone 2.4 GHz networks. Unlike Port Bridging, Advanced DMZ allows access to the Bell modem should you need to access it. Your Home Hub 2000 modem can transmit its Wi-Fi signal on both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz wireless bands. Any warranty coverage that remains during the Warranty Period on the Original Battery (when replaced with a Replacement Battery under this Warranty) will apply to the Replacement Battery. The Whole Home Wi-Fi product has advanced capabilities such as automatic band steering. You could try requesting a range extender from Bell. Once the command prompt comes forth, type “netsh wlan show drivers“. Enter your administrator password. damaged due to: abuse, neglect, misuse, accident, theft, vandalism, force majeure events (e.g. Edit your primary Wi-Fi network’s settings (basic), Edit your primary Wi-Fi network’s settings (advanced), How to connect the wireless network on my Connection Hub, How to change existing wireless settings on my Connection Hub modem, How to change the name of my wireless network on my 2Wire 2701 modem, Internet Speed Test | Measure the speed of your Internet connection. Each device will need to reconnect to your network using the new settings. Have you identified the adapter, click on the corresponding entry with the right mouse button and choose from the context menu the point properties. Set your Primary Wi-Fi network to the ON (or OFF) position near the top of the screen. When the primary network is ON, you can also turn on or off the individual bands (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). Now, pick a band: either 2.4GHz (slower, but longer range) or 5GHz … When in the basic view, click the Advanced view button at the top of the screen to access the advanced settings for your primary Wi-Fi network. Launch a web browser and browse to your modem’s IP address. Bell Canada (including Bell Aliant, a division of Bell Canada) (“Bell”) warrants to you as the original purchaser (“Purchaser” or “you”) the battery purchased for the Fibre Equipment (“Original Battery”) for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase of the Original Battery from Bell (“Warranty Period”) when used in the Fibre Equipment (“Warranty”). Select → Set up new pods, and follow the directions. Pods are strictly for indoor use. A network name and password are already provided and you will find them on a sticker on the back of the modem. Choose any pod from your pack. Channels are a series of sub-bands that operate within the 2.4- or 5-GHz bands. No Replacement Battery has any new or separate warranty coverage. Either way I still don't have the option for 5GHz. I went as far as to follow the instructions from the Geek page: Step 1: On your keyboard, press Windows + R keys at a time. Login->Manage Wifi->Advanced Settings->Uncheck "Keep a common network name (SSID) and password for both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands (recommended)." Your Bell Aliant FibreOP television receivers should remain connected to the Bell Aliant modem. The Ethernet ports will be yellow on the back of the device. It’s worth noting that Advanced DMZ is different than Port Bridging (aka Enhanced Bridge Mode, if you’re familiar). but I’ll have instructions for more devices as they become available. Follow the instructions within the app. Select Advanced DMZ from the menu on the left. The Home Hub 2000 supports the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, so you can enjoy the fastest speeds and the best coverage. Follow the instructions to see if your router and adapter even support this frequency. Note: It may take some time for the pods to fully calibrate and appear as online. And both appear to work fine on the surface. Unless you have changed it, the default password is “admin”. Troubleshooting signal strength issues. If your adapter supports 5GHz bandwidth, you can move on to the next method, which deals with issues with compatible hardware. The number of pods listed should correspond to the number of pods in your home. If your Wi-Fi router supports 5GHz connectivity, in addition to 2.4, it’s generally recommended that you connect your flagship Video Doorbell device to this connection.


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