If it goes too long like this, the pressure will become too much and the glass can break or explode. It is slimy and not dry so doesn’t appear to be mould. They frankly look pretty scary, like some sort of spinal cord floating in liquid, attached the head of an alien. If you wait a few more days, this thin slime will turn into the actual SCOBY shape you are expecting, though it will be thin. How far from the top of your glass jar should you fill the liquid tea mixture? If preferred, co-loading with tumor-associated antigens (TAA) can be performed here. If I take a cup of liquid from my hotel, can I then add a cup of sweet tea to the hotel to top it up? Is this ok or should I start from scratch next time?? I assume the bottom mother is dead and all the progressive layers are multiple babies. But if you haven't jumped on the kombucha bandwagon yet, there are a few things you might want to know—like it's a probiotic (yay!) Anyone have similar experiences? Sounds like it might be the type of fruit you are using for the second ferment or there may be a yeast to bacteria ratio issue. Or maybe it’s unhealthy. Hi Ben, Thank you so much for the detailed article. For sugar to mostly be eaten up, you’ll need a good 20 or 30 days. Make sure you also read my  How to Prevent Mold article for more info. I do recommend you either use STAINLESS steel strainers or plastic ones so there is no interaction with between the materials and the kombucha. It smells like my two previous batches. Keep in mind though, for BEST results and best performing SCOBYs, you want to rotate your SCOBYS for regular use and refill your scoby hotel every 1 or 2 months. Just use a paper towel (or two folded over) or a CLEAN dish towel (or a new one). The mixture should smell faintly sweet and slightly vinegary (the older it is, the more sour and vinegary it smells). Let me repeat myself by saying it’s pretty damn hard to screw up your Kombucha. If you are not sure, however, then it’s best to start over with a new batch. YOU should have no problems with mold growing or getting a contaminated batch. Q. The new scoby seemed to have a dry and thin center but not moldy looking. Kombucha should taste slightly acidic, with a fresh, sparkling taste – a bit like apple cider vinegar in honey. Also, the brew smelled and tasted good. These little white circles  will eventually merge into a single one. Yes, that’s normal. Hope this helps! In addition, I added blueberries to my completed batch and it’s fizzy, I think this is a normal reaction but again, I’m worried that I screwed everything up. This also depends on the temperature. -Emilie . Eventually, you’ll want to clean it out and completely add in new tea, but topping it up is fine. If you have a very dark colored tea, your SCOBY will take on a darker, brownish orange hue. 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And, What is the minimum brewing time to ensure the kombucha is good quality the sugar has been “eaten” up. Hi trying to find out if my scoby is still good? But I use fabric over the top secured with the rubber and. If it smells rotten, stinks, or is moldy, or smells disgusting, then don’t drink it and start again. It sweeter? You can certainly remove the SCOBY to look at it, though if it’s a newly forming one that’s not yet formed up solidy, doing so may pull apart the SCOBY. Probably the most popular question I’m getting in the comments, to my email box, and as as search time people are finding this site with, is ‘does my SCOBY have mold?’ or ‘Is my SCOBY bad?’. 2) when I do my 2nd ferment, I typically find a rotten smell when I open the bottle. Look at the images below. I made my first batch with a friend and when it was time for me to remove the scoby, I took it out and put it in a separate container and put it in the fridge without any liquid. I wrote a bit about why that happens here . Thank You! I still can’t figure out of my scoby is mouldy or not! When your Kombucha has mold, it’s obvious and it’s not obvious. I don’t think it is mold, but I’m wondering if it is safe to drink this batch… Also, should I get rid of the layer with these yellow bumps? This is simply part of the culture — likely the yeast (remember SCOBYs are a combination of YEAST and Bacteria) which often takes on a different color. This is simply when the little SCOBYs have all emerged together. It’s very hard to outright kill one (trust me, I’ve tried) without serious, serious neglect on your part.


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