I’ll select the first 24 triads and add them up and see what I get: Thus far none have done so and they shall never be able to do so. Everyone who lives(ed) on this earth, we can believe, God is aware of the 30″ x 40″ Oil on Large Canvas Dated 2004... more. 16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. FACT 18. They may be educated liars, ignorant liars, or stupid liars, but still liars. The Greatest Mystic since Nostradamus, Be the first to review “Sollog Oil Hayah Name of God Ancient Hebrew Script”, SOLLOG Art Exhibit TOH Museum SOLLOG Oils Collection, SOLLOG Art Exhibit TOH Museum Watercolors. (7) (4) (3) (8) (8) (8) (4) (4) (3)…………[49] The name probably came officially to the Israelite religion when the Edomites joined the Jerusalem Temple about 150 years before Christ. How To Pray? The final sigma (V) or “s” on the end is part of the standard transliteration from other languages to Greek. They are not even inserted in the manuscript level with the surrounding text. Before landing on your site I felt like I needed to have a different name. Imagine owing an oil by Einstein with E=MC^2 on it. This is a dubious practice, however, since even our English idea of "w" is laden with cultural biases, and no practicable equivalence can reasonably be made. Nobody knows. They are NOT the same. Vatican openly admits it embraces Babylon, Vatican echoes Satan’s comments in Isaiah 14, Vatican’s hatred of 7th day Sabbath (seal of God). The third letter is not a “waw or a vav”. They are not in conformity with the previous written script. (1) (4) (4) (2) (2) (3) (7) (1) (5)………..[29] Salvation is something we can’t paid for right? I never heard anything about being dripping in the blood of Christ to protect me from harm or temptation as I hear so frequently talked about today online. sequence. If you read the Scriptures. His shrine in Ur may have been located in the Ekišnugal, temple of Nanna, the moon-god. When a WITCH chants the Tetragrammatons’ in his rituals the DEVIL answers. “Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?” (7) (8) (8) (7) (8) (3) (3) (8) (8)…………[31] (24)… and he will close up his hand when you are in need. I believe this to be his name, at first it appeared to me as Satan, however just an hour before coming to this website I saw someone as having to do with Satan and through that I saw the most high, I really need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt His true name. Like poets, the sacred writers sought for various words to express the Reality that stands behind the glyphs. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” This is why the names and history are incorrect because it was falsify by the Romans. But the NBG Bibles is not pure. JPY (¥) Ehyeh is the Yiddish spin of Ahayah. This piece is not for sale. Here again, the Yahwist cannot have the name YAHWEH without the “W” sound with the “W” alphabet character which also, like the letter “J” was invented to symbolize the sound. i have seen some othersite they have taken march 17, 2015 saying as per enoch calendar . If the name were not hidden, these cults would lack a critical tool in their recruitment processes. He points out the systematic downplaying of Jesus’ divinity in most all modern translations; the atonement; Jesus’ High Priesthood and many other things relative to salvation – but primarily taking Jesus out of the spotlight of being Savior, Redeemer, in the flesh, High Priest and Advocate, Judge. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” To All My Hebrew Israelites Brothers and Sisters Out There. God simply answered Moses, "ehyeh-asher-ehyeh": The phrase ehyeh asher ehyeh (rendered as "I AM THAT I AM" in the KJV) derives from the Qal imperfect first person form of the verb hayah: "I will be," and therefore indicates a connection between the Name YHVH and being itself. O ye, if you lack food, your need and your surplus… (18) You should leave as sustenance for His flocks according to His will, and [fr]om it, take what is coming to you, but do not add there[to…] (19) And if you lack, do not… Riches from your needs, for [His] storehouse will not be lacking. http://ahayahyashiya.blogspot.com/2013/02/yhwhyhvh-and-ahayah-illuminati-knows.html, http://ahayahyashiya.blogspot.com/2014/06/documented-proof-this-is-only-true-name.html, Can you explain Ephesians 2:8 for me? There is also a divine name Haia(-)amma in a bilingual Hattic-Hittite text from Anatolia which is used as an equivalent for the Hattic grain-goddess Kait in an invocation to the Hittite grain-god Halki, although it is unclear whether this appellation can be related to dha-ià (Weeden 2009: 93-94). “it does show how many who use other versions on this particular text could be taught “just believe on Jesus and be saved” as well as “saved in their sins” teaching. I know people worship Mary thats a no no. Yahve then is none other than Zeus or Jupiter! Inside God’s Temple- A Study of the Sanctuary- Doug Batchelor Shalam Sister! Q. Matthew 5:6,7″, – commentary:”I’ve caught a lot of fish through the years, but I’ve never caught a filet. It is ‘Hayah and is mistranslated into English as I AM. The Power of Fasting and Praying, Esau is the modern day Caucasian (White Man), From the Tabernacles of Edom…Esau.. .the father of the caucasian race… also known as Edom and Idumaean…. Yes the so-called jeWISH people knows that the true name of the Most High is Ahayah, but whatever they do with the name in their Kabbalah is up to them. Allow me to illustrate how you do it: when the new year start as per enoch calendar? Many have said that demon activity has left when they use the name. So, the LORD allowed me to call Him (Jesus). To All My Hebrew Israelites Indian Hindu Brothers and Sisters, Message To All Americans – Black and White – Rich and Poor, Silvia Sarah Steinmetz (‫שָׂרָה אֱמוּנָה‬‎), Wie Satan es schaffte – die ganze Welt zu verführen… | igototheroots, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_oul-l3ZlxbTGxuUWNlZGh0T2s/view?usp=sharing, LUCIFERIC PROJECT: BIRMINGHAM, JEFFERSON COUNTY & THE GHOUL SYSTEM, BOULE GOATMEN , QUEEN BEE AND JUDGE ALAN LAMAR KING | In Search of Black Assassins.


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