Once a life member should mean always a life member. I just fired back a letter to the attention of Robert Masters ( if this is a real person) He is the one that signed the letter to me. I would like to be included. I thought just the other day, I noticed I hadn't received my magazines in quite a while, looked up the web site so I could ask about it, and find out people are having this problem. P.S. I really don't know what to do other then send a cancel across the statement and keep a copy to see what happens next. Postal Service might be of aid? When they started sending me knives, I purchased 2 and sent them a note asking them not to send me anything else unless I ask them to. I have been a life member for over 30 yrs., but have not got a mag. One pissed off master life member, I also have been a life member of the Handyman club of America since 1996. I'm guessing they do not want to really give it to collections, but instead this is some idiots idea at a company to scare people into paying them money, and joining some club they otherwise do not want to join, thus is why it is extortion. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I would suggest you send complaints to the Attorney General of the State of Minn. & not the governor. Now what? In late 2005 I was laid off and became homeless for a while, when I got a place again it took a few years to convince them I am a life member who will not pay for something that is already paid for. I have sent there bills back with letters explaining I do not want their membership. Been a life time member for a long time and haven't received my magazine for a years. A class action lawsuit makes the most sense. I haven't received a letter yet, thank goodness. Can not track them down online, as it appears as though they no longer maintain a website. lifetime member since mid 90's Now I get an invoice with membership # 7715517. I intend to complain to the History Channel as well. He says well yes, check it over and if I don't want it I can return it. All rights reserved. First package shipment date was August 16, 2010 and INVOCE for 10.00. I have been a lifetime member handyman club of America, it has been many many years since I have received a single thing from them, this business practice is unacceptable and I believe I was scammed out of the membership fee and they did not produce as they stated they would, I too like many members haven`t had any contact nor do I receive any handyman magazines anymore. its been 14+years since i bought/ordered anything from handyman of america.today-01/24/15, i recvd a collection notice 4 $74.i am confused on why i got this!can't get a answer online or by phone! E-mail me at [email protected] or call me at [protected] leave a message if I don't pick up and I will call you back. Please report your letter, especially that you are in Colorado. After I paid for the third book I got, I sent notice with lit that I wanted It cancelled, I keep getting bills from them from after I cancelled, and as I had got nothing from them I dont owe them.Thinking about a lawyer. The phone number for Handyman Club of America is 1-800-243-7679. This is extremely frustrating and should be illegal! dave thomas ([email protected]). It also indicates that I have received several tools which is false. I just received a collections notice for $335 for a bogus lifetime membership. I am with any person out there who is against this junk company. In an envelope labeled "Free gift inside" they sent me an unsolicited junk calendar for 2009 (you know, the type that companies usually send you for free). Lets see what happens. We just received an official notification saying they were going to take us to a collection agency for past due membership. I have perfect credit at present. I included a note canceling. My magazine stopped again around a year ago and I was told when I joined that I would be able to test tools and other products. So I joined and I received my product, shortly after I received more fliers to pay for 1, 2 or 3 years . The letter has no contact information for the company, nor could we find any way to contact them on their website. Boxes in Hopkins which used to be a separate city but may now be part of Minnetonka so they may be pulling the same scam. I would just like my $395.00 back. I have not found any other way to contact them. The thank you message stated that "My account has been REACTIVATED"! Email from this site goes to the spam box. Handyman Club of America - unauthorized membership dues. It is no more than an attempt to sell a substandard magazine by promising "free" tools. I returned the books and DVD with documentation on their Dime to Louisville KY Center and I continue to receive various invoices, after I informed Handyman I did not want anything from them and to cancel my membership within around 30 days they shipped 4 books and a DVD with a prepaid mailing label for the return of the DVD therefore I packaged the four books, all the paperwork concerning the transaction and shipped everything to them while attaching the supplied label with them to pay the required postage; I will gladly join a class action against this company, I am in the same boat here.


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