74.0k members in the SSBM community. A competitive Melee focused extension of the reddit Super Smash Brothers community. IASA Frame 18 . Captain Falcon is the only character to have every single smash attack changed from Smash 64 to Melee. Hey everyone, I'm back with Day 19 of the 2018 Melee Guides, this time involving Falcon! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1 of 12 Go to page. Shield Stun 3 Frames. Wizzy gives insight on how to approach and combo each one. Doctor Mario. I can't find a video or guide that explains his kill combos/setups in a way where I might be able to practice them. Log In Sign Up. While Captain Falcon's normal air speed is a great 1.12, by jumping while running he can start off with an airspeed of 2.1, notably faster than any other character's best airspeed and even almost all characters' running speeds (except his own dashing speed and Fox's). CAPTAIN FALCON. The admins have put a lot of effort into a bot that you can type commands to with questions and receive answers with accompanying gifs. Stage Guide Matchup Guide Training Regimen - Updated … Close. Active Frames 3-5. It surprised me that nobody linked this on here. 5 Frame Startup. Shield Stun 2 Frames. Archived. Captain Falcon Melee Chaingrab Guide by Third Chair Captain Falcon Melee Discord Channel by Setchi, Rachman An exceptional discord channel with extra special resources. Thread starter Scar; Start date Mar 25, 2009; 1; 2; 3 … Go to page. 19 Total Frames. 2020 Doctor Mario Melee Techs Guide. 12; Next. Jab. 370. s2j’s Captain Falcon Guide. Active Frames 4-6. If you beat it with five, which is highly unlikely, you will get a trophy. Scar #HarveyDent. SSBM tutorials' "how to practice captain falcon" video only mentions that you need to practice them, but I don't know how to practice them. 4 Frame Startup. Goes into a few more Falcon techs that are both stylish and useful. 2.0 % Base Damage. Next Last. Q&A Captain Falcon FAQ and Training Guide. Press J to jump to the feed. Any strategies or hints you could contribute to me would be helpful! For Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube, Captain Falcon Guide by Perfect Light. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. Anyways, here is the new 2018 Captain Falcon Melee Techs Guide! 10.6 = Cruel Melee **** * ***** ***** This is impossibility with training wheels when you are playing as Captain Falcon. 370 votes, 58 comments. Sure it is possible to kill a few of these guys, but ONLY a few. 370. User account menu. 3 Frame Startup. Ground Attacks Aerial Attacks Special Attacks Grabs Throws Dodges/Rolls. Jab 2. Jab 3. Captain Falcon and … Your education begins now. 21 Total Frames. Ground Attacks. Active Frames 5-11. Mar 25, 2009 #1 This is my guide to everything you need to know. This is a very good guide on the matchups that falcon struggles with the most. Go. Joined Feb 11, 2007 Messages 6,066 Location Sunnyvale, CA. Ive been playing falcon in melee for some time now but I'm having trouble setting up into a knee outside of down air > knee. This guide is going up earlier than normal because I do not know when I would be able to get online today past this point. 3.0 % Base Damage . Go. IASA Frame 16 .


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